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Recipes for Repair: A 10 Week Program for Chronic Inflammation and Food Sensitivities book cover

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Food-based healing is possible, and Recipes for Repair is a wonderful resource to help you accomplish your healing goals in a way that’s highly satisfying to all of your senses. Gail Piazza and Laura Piazza do a masterful job of developing dozens of delicious and beautifully presented recipes based on the principles of the diet.

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Ken Singleton MD, MPH

Creator of the diet featured in the book & on this site.

The Lyme Inflammation Diet® was developed by Lyme specialist Kenneth B. Singleton, MD, MPH, author of The Lyme Disease Solution. Though the diet was originally created for patients with Lyme disease, many reader accounts have indicated that the benefits of the diet are far-reaching and can help people with other health conditions improve or even heal their symptoms of chronic inflammation.


The diet is both an elimination diet (designed to help you to discover foods that you may be sensitive to) and an anti-inflammatory diet. You begin by eliminating the most common foods that contribute to chronic inflammation. You gradually add back foods and monitor the effects to establish a broad yet healthy diet. Below is a brief overview of the four Phases of the diet.

Phase 1 This week-long, most restricted phase of the diet was designed to shut down the mechanisms of chronic inflammation and begin detoxifying your body.

Phase 2 permits additional new foods, which you will add back into your meals very slowly, over the course of at least three weeks. If you experience any symptoms of inflammation after any foods are reintroduced, this is a sign that you should continue to avoid them for the time being.

Phase 3 is to be followed for four weeks after the conclusion of Phase 2. You will reintroduce additional foods that are normally healthy, but have a greater risk of triggering inflammation in some people.

Phase 4 allows you to introduce even more healthy foods and to reach a maintenance level where you have a wide variety of healthy food options and little or no symptoms of chronic inflammation. Once you have reintroduced all the foods from each diet Phase (taking around 10 weeks), you will have completed the elimination portion of the diet.

basic principles of the diet

Eat foods that help minimize or eliminate symptoms caused by inflammation

Discover food sensitivities

Strengthen your immune system

Supply your body with the nutrients that it needs in order to function optimally.

Help with detoxification

Improve your overall health

Check out our book for 182 recipes specific to the diet!

praise we have recieved

I suffered with Lyme for 5 years and was under the care of a Lyme Specialist when I came across this book. It was the one thing that relieved most of my symptoms. It is an investment in yourself that you truly deserve if you have been suffering from fatigue, phantom pains, etc.

Angela M. ,

I was amazed at how many good dishes they were able to create even with the limitations of the earlier phases of the diet.

Scott Forsgren , www.betterhealthguy.com
5 out of 5

Finally, a cookbook I can give to my clients with food sensitivities without hesitation!

Kelly Lang , Certified Health Coach
5 out of 5

Coupled with gorgeous photographs, the recipes should appeal to anyone seeking wholesome food. No sense of deprivation here. And no need for the cook to be preparing two different menus for people with a different health status.

Dorothy Kupcha Leland , book review on LymeDisease.Org’s Touched by Lyme blog
5 out of 5

If I could give this 6 stars, I would. I want to sing this book’s praises… Lost 20 pounds. Feel even better… please give this a try. It’s been better than any of the medications I’ve been on.

Sleepy Dad , Amazon.com reviewer
5 out of 5

BEST recipe book I have EVER bought. Both my husband and I have Lyme disease and it has been such a challenge to cook for this, until this cookbook! My husband says I have never made better food and it makes having to restrict what we eat a pleasure rather than a pain.

Rachelle , Amazon.com reviewer
5 out of 5

A healthy, delicious way to eat for just about anyone. After following the diet for a week, my joint pain has decreased by 75%. Meanwhile, I have lost 8 pounds without cutting back on calories and feeling hungry. The recipes are easy to follow and the results are phenomenal.

Kathryn , Amazon.com reviewer
5 out of 5

This book is a great way to start and maintain your elimination diet. It is easy and has really great tasting recipes and tips. I actually hate to cook, but this book has been a great success in our household. It has also made me feel better!

TiffT , Amazon.com reviewer
5 out of 5