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Lyme disease is a serious, yet often misunderstood illness. The books and web sites that we suggest are the ones that we have read and find to be reputable with a wealth of valuable information. We are sure there are others out there, but these are the one's that we are familiar with.

General Knowledge Lyme Disease Web Sites


Lyme Disease Prevention Tips

Chronic Lyme disease is a difficult illness that can be very hard to treat. Our best protection is prevention, so take the time to educate yourself so that you can keep yourself and your family safe. Speaking to the seriousness of how often Lyme goes misdiagnosed is this video clip of a medical doctor's testimony to the PA HHS committee where he says "I went everywhere in the world looking for a doctor. I ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs." His testimony epitomizes the serious lack of understanding about Lyme disease in the medical field.

Our Favorite Books on Lyme Disease

Recipes for Repair