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Packaged Foods

Below you will find some packaged snacks, breakfast options and condiments that we like that comply with the Lyme Inflammation Diet®. Make it a habit to always compare a products ingredients list with the diet's allowable foods to determine if/when it comes into the diet. You can find the following products at health food stores, some conventional grocery stores or online.  
Products that comply with Phase 1
  • Natural Value Natural Coconut Milk While we have a recipe in the book to make your own coconut milk, some would prefer the convenience of buying it. This coconut milk doesn't contain guar gum, sugar, or any other ingredients not allowable in Phase 1 of the diet. You can buy it by the can or in bulk for a better price per can.
Products that comply with Phase 2
  • Larabars The vast majority of the original Larabar's comply with the diet (Phases 2-4). The bars with chocolate chips do not comply because they contain sugar cane.
  • Maple Nut Kitchen Granola This company also does a granola that complies with the diet (some flavors starting as early as Phase 2) and also has grain-free granola options for those who find they do best on a Paleo-like diet. They are still a small company so not widely available but you can purchase from them on their website.
  • Two Moms in the Raw Choose from a variety of products, including granola, nut bars, cereal, and crackers. The vast majority of these snacks and cereals fit into Phases 2-4.
  • Go Raw Whether you choose from their bars, flax snax, super cookies, granola, sprouts and even their chocolate, these products all fall within Phases 2-4 of the diet.
  • Raw Rev 100 These tasty snack bars are allowable in Phases 2, 3 or 4 of the diet.
Products that comply with Phase 3
  • Applegate Farms Choose from a variety of sausages, hot dogs, deli meat and bacon. Some products are allowed as early as Phase 2 (Organic Sweet Italian Sausage). Check ingredient labels to determine the Phase.
  • Veganiase If you can't do eggs, this product mostly complies with the diet. They do use brown rice syrup, which is not allowable. For me, I make an exception for this product because it's a secondary ingredient. I started using the product in Phase 3.
  • Bodacious Tomato Ketchup This condiment complies with Phase 3 of the diet.
  • Purely Elizabeth Granola This company not only has granola, muesli and oatmeal allowable on the diet, starting in Phase 3, but also grain-free granola options for those who find they do best on a Paleo-like diet!
  • Marys Gone Crackers The crackers, crumbs and pretzels are all allowable in Phases 3 or 4 of the diet.
Products that comply with Phase 4    


Vitacost has some of the best prices around for a number of organic grocery products that are staples in the diet. You can also find a number of the products listed above, as well as nut butters, chia seeds, stevia, raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and so much more. Vitacost.com

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We also have scoured the internet to find some of the best deals on the more expensive or hard-to-find ingredients and share them here at our Amazon storefront. We also include a number of our favorite packaged foods (cited above). There are some wonderful kitchen gadgets and small appliances that are worth the investment because they can really cut your time in the kitchen and we share our favorites with you.
Recipes for Repair