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Recipes for Repair: A 10 Week Program for Chronic Inflammation and Food Sensitivities book cover

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My mom and I created Recipes for Repair as a resource to help those who want to become healthier by eating more nourishing foods – without sacrificing flavor! My mom’s career as a recipe developer, and our love of good food, make succeeding on the diet possible.


Our mouthwatering, whole food recipes are specific to the Lyme Inflammation Diet® developed by Kenneth Singleton, MD, MPH, author of The Lyme Disease Solution. Dr. Kenneth Singleton, anti-inflammation diet, Lyme Disease SolutionPeople often ask us, “Is this just for people with Lyme?” The answer is no! Success stories have proven that following this whole foods diet can help anyone reduce symptoms from inflammation, lose weight and live a healthier life. My mom and I arrived at the same place, but for different reasons. When I was newly diagnosed with Lyme disease, I learned that good nutrition could play a critical role in the road to recovery. My mom, who does not have Lyme disease, had inexplicable digestive symptoms which blood work confirmed was likely from systemic inflammation. Yet we have both discovered the health benefits of eating real food and avoiding foods we can't tolerate.

This diet can help you if you want to:

  • Improve overall health
  • Avoid or reduce symptoms caused by inflammation
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Enjoy delicious meals that the whole family will love

Elimination Diet

The diet is broken into four Phases, with new foods introduced at each Phase. This approach helps you to determine if you have unidentified food sensitivities. Many readers, as we did, will discover that they have food sensitivities and eating the offending foods will exacerbate their symptoms. We identify whether a recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low-sugar and/or vegetarian. Our easy-to-follow, enjoyable recipes will help you be successful during each Phase of the diet!