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FREE Prevention Tips Bookmark Offering

Prevention is our best defense against Lyme disease, yet there are some common misconceptions about how and when you should protect yourself. In order to help raise public awareness, we are offering these free bookmarks which have tips and need-to-know information on how best to protect yourself and your family.

Ticks are a menace, but hiding indoors is not the answer. By taking proper preventative steps and being aware and on the lookout for ticks, you can keep yourself and your family safe from tick-borne diseases.

If you're interested in receiving our free bookmarks please contact us with your name, mailing address and the quantity you'd like to receive. We ask for a 10-bookmark minimum and are happy to send multiple packs of 20 in any quantity that you'd like.

Thank you for helping us to raise awareness!

front and back view of Lyme Disease Prevention Bookmarks.