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Note: This program has ended. Due to its popularity, we've crafted this page so that it's now a self-guided program that you can do on your own timeline. So even if you missed this program, you can still benefit! All the daily emails are available below. Simply view each sequential email each day. We are still available on our Facebook Group or via email if you have questions. Preparation Stage (9 days) daily emails: Day 1 ¢ Day 2 ¢ Day 3 ¢ Day 4 ¢ Day 5 ¢ Day 6 ¢ Day 7 ¢ Day 8 ¢ Day 9 Phase 1 (7 days) daily emails: Day 1 ¢ Day 2 ¢ Day 3 ¢ Day 4 ¢ Day 5 ¢ Day 6 ¢ Day 7 Phase 2 (21 days) daily emails: Day 1 ¢ Day 2 ¢ Day 3 ¢ Day 4 ¢ Day 5 ¢ Day 6 ¢ Day 7 ¢ Day 8 ¢ Day 9 ¢ Day 10 ¢ Day 11 ¢ Day 12 ¢ Day 13 ¢ Day 14 ¢ Day 15 ¢ Day 16 ¢ Day 17 ¢ Day 18 ¢ Day 19 ¢ Day 20 ¢ Day 21 Phase 3 (28 days) daily emails: Day 1 ¢ Day 2 ¢ Day 3 ¢ Day 4 ¢ Day 5 ¢ Day 6 ¢ Day 7 ¢ Day 8 ¢ Day 9 ¢ Day 10 ¢ Day 11 ¢ Day 12 ¢ Day 13 ¢ Day 14 ¢ Day 15 ¢ Day 16 ¢ Day 17 ¢ Day 18 ¢ Day 19 ¢ Day 20/21 ¢ Day 22 ¢ Day 23 ¢ Day 24 ¢ Day 25 ¢ Day 26 ¢ Day 27/28 Start of Phase 4 (4 days) daily emails: Day 1 ¢ Day 2 ¢ Day 3 ¢ Day 4

Details About the Program

This was a nutritional support program where we virtually did the diet with the participants. We started over with Phase 1 as a way to support those who felt unsure about changing the way they eat. The program ended, but is still available as a self-guided program for you to follow on your own timeline. All the daily emails are available above. Simply view each sequential email each day.


If you signed up you received an email from us every day. The length of the email varied. For the self-guided program, you will not receive emails in your inbox. Instead, the emails are now posts that are all available to view by clicking on the days above.

Web site

Direct friends and loved ones who are playing a supportive role over the upcoming week to this page.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments in regard to a new article or recipe we encourage you to be in touch as we are always happy to answer questions.


If you have a Facebook account "become a fan" on our Facebook page. We also have a Facebook Group that we still offer if you'd like to join. Here we answer any questions that have to do with nutrition, finding products, the recipes, the diet, etc. This is a good place to interact with others who have done the program or are in the self-guided version of the program who may want to discuss the same topic.


Day 1-9: Week zero

Week zero is the prep stage. These nine days are a time for you to get familiar with the diet and the allowable foods. You'll make and try recipes from all the Phases of the diet so you can see that the meals really are tasty and satisfying. Be sure to check out our suggested Phase 1 meal plan and try some of our Phase 1 specific recipes. You will learn to:
  • devise a meal plan
  • create a shopping list
  • identify which foods not to restock
  • make a plan on the most affordable way to shop for ingredients; and
  • start making Phase 1 sauces and pantry ingredients to prep our kitchen so we are ready to go.

Begin Phase 1 (it's only 1 week!)

The diet and the start of the 60 Day Challenge begins! With Week Zero behind you, you'll be fully prepared to begin Phase 1 of ht diet.
  • Each daily email (viewable above) offers you helpful blog posts and tips that will help you to succeed during the most difficult Phase of the diet.

Begin Phase 2 (3 weeks)

This is when you will start adding foods back into the diet.
  • You'll add foods very carefully and strategically as this is how you discover any undiscovered food sensitivities.
  • Through our daily emails (viewable above) you'll continue to receive tips on how to make your time in the kitchen more efficient, less daunting and fun!

Begin Phase 3 (4 weeks)

Many foods that I'm sure you have been missing come back in Phase 3. Many of these have a higher risk of causing inflammation, so you'll be instructed to be extra careful adding these foods.

Begin Phase 4 (FOREVER!)

The daily emails (viewable above) are available for the first few days of Phase 4. At this point you've added in the majority of the foods and are well on your way to . Once all the foods on the diet have been successfully added, you've officially succeeded at the elimination diet and will know if any of the foods you've been eating have been causing you discomfort or symptoms. You are now eating all the healthy, real foods that help you to optimize your health and nourish your body. With this success you won't want to go back to eating packaged, convenience foods because you will have seen improvements in your health, weight loss, and a new found appreciation for making your meals from scratch!
Recipes for Repair