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Recipes for Repair: A 10 Week Program for Chronic Inflammation and Food Sensitivities book cover

306 pages • 182 recipes • only $24.95!

Eat Real Food. Get Real Healthy!

Those sluggish, unmotivated, blah feelings you have may stem directly from undiscovered food sensitivities, inflammatory illnesses, and just plain eating the wrong foods.

With this program, we’ll give you the tools, techniques, and most importantly, the support to get food with no nutritional value out of your diet, lose weight and feel better.

Trying new diets can be overwhelming, especially when you feel you’re addicted to breads, sugars and junk food, but we’re here to help you through that with some of the most delicious recipes you and your family will ever have.

We’ll be there to support you, answer your questions and to share all the valuable insight, tools, tips, and strategies we’ve developed since we first implemented the diet ourselves.

With this diet, I’ve enjoyed the full elimination of all my digestive problems (indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain), throat congestion and acne. I want you to experience the same health successes I have, and together, I know we can.

Program Details

With this program, you’ll receive:
• Daily emails coaching and supporting you to better health
• Five new, unpublished recipes from co-author, Gail Piazza
• Membership in a closed Facebook support group
• Facebook Live event with co-author, Laura Piazza

Program Timeline

Saturday, January 5 – Friday, January 25
Week Zero (three full weeks to prepare for the start of Phase 1)

Saturday, January 26 – Friday, February 1
Phase 1 (one week)

Saturday, February 2 – Friday, February 22
Phase 2 (3 weeks)

Saturday, February 23 – Wednesday, March 6
Phase 3 (4 weeks) – Note: I’ll be with you for the first 12 days of phase 3

Immediate Helpful Information

You'll receive an immediate download that gives you tips on how to start preparing for the start of the diet, which will help you to be super prepared once the program begins. You can also join the closed Facebook group and attend any upcoming Facebook Live events we have!

The program is currently happening, Check back often for our next session.